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      We provide affordable Non-Lawyer form and document preparation services.  You should not use our services as a substitute for obtaining legal advice.  We are not attorneys licensed to practice law in the State of Florida.  We are not a government agency and our website and/or Fastway Legal Documents, LLC., it's agencies, representatives, officers, employees and agents do not provide legal advice regarding your case.  We use Florida Supreme Court approved Forms.  Your privacy is very important to us. 

      Our commitment to ensuring the privacy of your personal information such as your Name, Address, Credit Card numbers, Email address and telephone number is paramount.  Fastway Legal Documents, LLC. will never willfully disclose any personal information about our clients to any third party source without the user's permission. Fastway Legal Documents, LLC. does not collect any personally identifiable information other than what is provided on a voluntary basis to complete the documentation that is being prepared.

      For the purposes of this Disclaimer and Agreement the terms "WE", "US" and "OUR" Refer to Fastway Legal Documents, LLC.  The Term "YOU" or "YOUR" refer to the End user or Buyer of the provided services.

      Upon placing your order and Fastway Legal Documents, LLC. accepting your order, you authorize Fastway Legal Documents, LLC. to create a draft and/or charge against your credit/debit card and/or checking account made payable to Fastway Legal Documents for our fees.  There are no refunds once your order has been placed.  Fastway Legal Documents fees DO NOT include any State, Federal, Governmental or Court fees, these fees are in addition to Fastway Legal Documents, LLC. preparation fee.

      We will provide to you our contract/agreement for services and disclaimer. Upon Fastway Legal Documents, LLC. receiving your signed contract for our services and payment, your documents will be prepared within 3-5 working days and hand delivered to you or shipped to you via the United States Postal System.  If you do not receive your documents within (14) Fourteen days of placement of your order, you agree to notify Fastway Legal Documents, LLC., so that we may resend the documents to you.  It is solely your responsibility to make sure that all of the information found in your documentation is true and correct to the best of your knowledge.
      Our obligation ends once we place your documentation in the mail or is/are delivered to you or the requested end user regardless of whether or not you recieve it.  You agree to complete any blank spaces in the documentation, attach any relevant documents, evidences and/or ownership and to meet any other obligations required by the State of Florida or the County in which you are filing your documentation. 

      Any mistakes or misprints on the documentation will be corrected upon your request within 10 business days of your notifying Fastway Legal Documents, LLC. of the error, at no additional charge if they were caused by Fastway Legal Documents, LLC. fault/error and or misprint.

      Fastway Legal Documents, LLC. is not responsible for any actions or inactions of the State of Florida or any of its agencies.  Each case has its own individual set of circumstances and each County in the State of Florida has its own Filing requirements.  You may be required to file additional paperwork once the Clerk/Judge or Magistrate has reviewed your case.  The use of this website and/or the services of Fastway Legal Documents, LLC., does not mean that a judge / clerk will accept your documentation.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your legal rights, we strongly recommend that you consult an attorney.

      In the event that you demand from Fastway Legal Documents, LLC. or your Credit Card Company a chargeback that is not due to you for services that have been provided by Fastway Legal Documents, LLC., we shall have the right at our option, to refund the monies to you so as to avoid a chargeback against our merchant account.  In this event you will continue to owe Fastway Legal Documents, LLC. the fee that you previously authorized plus $150.00 research fee, plus $95.00 for each additional hour, attorney's fees, court costs, process serving fees, prejudgement interest at the rate of 1.5% per month, and fees that we may incur with our credit card processing company related to your authorization and chargeback, if applicable.

      Any person using this website or Fastway Legal Documents, LLC. services does so and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Fastway Legal Documents, LLC., its agencies, representatives, officers, employees and agents from any damages that may result from the use of this website.  Fastway Legal Documents, LLC. is not responsible for any damage, loss, injury or claim resulting or arising from any use or reference to this website or Fastway Legal Documents, LLC. services.

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